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In a rush to receive your order. Need it in less than the standard wait ? Add fast track to your order. Must be pre confirmed

If you are adding fast track to a current order please add to basket then comment your the order number of which you would like to fast track in the order notes 


Why do we charge a fee to fast track an order ?

To allow us to carefully manage our production schedule and logistics to accommodate the expedited order without compromising on the timelines of other customers' orders.

Prioritising one order over others has the potential to disrupt our standard workflow and cause delays for other customers/ orders in our queue. Charging a fee for fast-tracking helps offset any potential disruptions, ensures fairness to all customers meaning other orders are not delayed in the process of fast tracking yours and that the extra costs associated with bringing your order forward are covered.

Fast-tracking an order often requires additional resources, such as extra admin, overtime or weekend work for our production team or expedited shipping services. The fee helps cover these extra costs associated with prioritising your order.

Implementing a fee for expedited processing allows us to be transparent with our customers about the costs and resources involved. It also holds us accountable for delivering on our promise to prioritise an order within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Our fast track fee is additional to your shipping fee

Please see announcement banner for current wait time, contact us if you wish to fast track or shop in the in stock section of the website link below